Journal of Economics and Management  
  Volume 13, No. 2  
  August, 2017  

Consumer Socially Sustainable Consumption:


The Perspective toward Corporate Social Responsibility,

  Perceived Value, and Brand Loyalty  
  Hsiu-Hua Chang  

Department of Business Administration, Feng Chia University, Taiwan




Consumers voluntarily take action in socially responsibility behavior only if they perceive the firm’s efforts to conduct the activities toward corporate social responsibility (CSR). This study seeks to examine the direct influence of CSR on consumer socially sustainable consumption which has been neglected in prior studies. The findings indicate that the ethical and legal dimension of CSR is a stronger predictor of socially sustainable consumption than the philanthropic expectations dimension. Perceived value and brand loyalty also play significant mediating roles between CSR and socially sustainable consumption. Finally, some theoretical and managerial contributions in the field of marketing and management are discussed.




Keywords: corporate social responsibility, consumer socially sustainable


consumption, perceived value, brand loyalty



JEL classification: M31